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EquiZen Pre-Event formulas support proper nervous system function in horses during training and events. 🇺🇸🐎🏅Endorsed and used by professionals and novices alike. 
EquiZen is an advanced, FEI/USEF compliant, herb-free formula. This is our original formula for everyday riders, weekend warriors, and easy keepers. 
  • Proprietary blend of micronutrients and minerals, including RENzen(TM) amino acid chelate to support nervous system function.

  • This novel formula is the result of extensive research into equine biochemistry. The ingredients have been studied for their synergistic effects in the equine system.

  • All ingredients are naturally occurring (endogenous) in equines.

We use EquiZen with our nervous or “spooky” horses, and those displaying attention issues. For use in activities requiring focus without dulling: showing, training, eventing, dressage, show jumping, XC, trail riding, western sport, lessons, and trailering.  

All ingredients are FEI and USEF show safe🏅,naturally occurring in equines, and ethically & naturally sourced.


We offer three levels of support.

EquiZen - our original formula for everyday riders, weekend warriors, and easy keepers. Available as a powder supplement  

EquiZen Pro - for professional riders, designed with the unique needs of the sport horse in mind. Offers rapid onset and longer duration. Available as a powder or paste. Click here for EquiZen Pro  

EquiZen Pro+ - for professional riders, barns, and training programs with unique challenges. Our Pro+ program offers biometric testing and custom formulation. Please contact us to schedule.



EquiZen multi-dose powders.

  • Two Pack contains 2 servings. This pack is perfect for a single event day or up to 2 training days.
  • Ten Pack contains 10 servings. This option will allow you to dial in the dosing for your horse over a multi-day event or up to 10 training days.


For Training and Show Days: One (1) scoop (18g) with grain 90 mins pre-event.

Optional Loading Dose: An additional loading serving of one scoop (18g) can be administered 4 to 5 hrs pre-event. 

Challenging Horse/ Equine: Try EquiZen Pro for sport horses. Available in a powder or a convenient paste. Click here for EquiZen Pro formula 


The Bioavailability and Quality Difference:

The combination of ingredients in EquiZen Pro and Pro+ are unique in the industry. Our formulas are based off the most trusted research into equine biochemistry and nutritional supplementation. We derive our ingredients from natural, plant-based sources. All of our ingredients are naturally occurring in equines, thus the horse’s system can readily “recognize” and utilize our formulas. Additionally, we use the most highly bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals in our formulas to help your horse’s system to access what it needs when it needs it before and during training and showing.

We believe in supplementing when needed rather than in excess. EquiZen Pro is designed to be used during training and showing when the nutritional needs of the horse are greatest. This formula provides the extra minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins that become rapidly depleted in times of stress. Any excess is excreted through sweat, urine, and feces within 24 hours.

EquiZen, EquiZen Pro, and Pro+

For Your Best Ride 


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