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5% Vitamin A Booster

5% Vitamin A Booster

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Our most powerful skin renewing treatment serum with 5% retinol microcaps.

  • Vitamin A Microcaps (Retinol, 5%) helps accelerate skin renewal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for firmer, smoother and more evenly-toned skin.

Use nightly. Hydrating, oil-free, and quick drying. Follow with Restructuring Serum, Botanical Serum, or Immortelle Serum.

Ingredients: Distilled Aqua, retinol (5%), niaminicide (B3), ultra low weight hyaluronic acid, high weight hyaluronic acid, mid-weight hyaluronic acid, neodefend. 

1oz (30ml) treatment pump bottle

Cautions. This is a powerful anti-aging treatment. Start slow (every other day or less) and increase as tolerated. Reduce use if redness or dryness occurs. Do not use on the same day as other exfoliants. Always use SPF before sun exposure when using products containing retinol.

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