Here's what our customers are saying...

"And I've been meaning to tell you the goats milk soap works wonders for my son's karitosis pilaris. Truly a God send. No more scratching skin till he bleeds." Lebec, ca

"This is my go-to company!" Cuddy Valley, ca

"Loving the (REN) makeup line! Thanks for letting me a tester...! You should post the picture of how well the powder smooths out and tones down my ruddy complexion. It did not dry out my skin at all, and gave a unique blend of matte/glow. Awesome!! Thanks again! Can't wait to see what happens when you blend my Bee Beautiful Day Cream w/ SPF AND the tint. Have I told you I love you lately?" Cuddy Valley, CA

"I love this line. Rarely do I take the time, or feel the desire, to post my reviews on a product. But the goats milk lotions are nothing short of fabulous! Works wonders with my daughter's allergy-induced eczema & my dry winter hands as well. The prices are spectacular also. I also love love love the custom skin serum and face products I've been using." FP, CA

Review from I'm Not A Tree, "My favorite thing in this box! I love this lotion!The scent is Oatmeal and Honey and all I can say is that it reminds me of breakfast... at Christmas. It's perfection! The formula is nice too... just the right mixture for a good all around everyday lotion."

Review from, "WOW! This has a light fluffy texture and smells like caramel corn. I believe Terra Bella Box is (finally!) the first box that has scent a “fall” scent in a September box. It’s made with fresh goat’s milk, manuka honey, essential oils, pumpkin seed oil, and Neodefend, which is an ECOCERT certified organics approved preservative derived from non-GMO corn mixed with naturally-derived chemicals. I didn’t love this on my hands if I had to type right away, but it’s perfect for body. And smells super yum! The essential oils they use are either certified organic, or are organic but cannot be certified, or they are wildcrafted."

Review from DixieDollsGlow, "Holy crap do I love this!!! Seriously people, this is one of the most intoxicating scents I have ever encountered. It's made with Goat's Milk and honey so not only does it smell sweet, it makes your skin soft and supple. I think this may be my favorite lotion ever!"

Review from Subscription Box Mom, "Ahhhh, this lotion smells absolutely amazing. The oatmeal and honey blend together to smell almost like caramel popcorn. This is one of my newest favorite scents. The lotion is made with goat’s milk, but they add a natural preservative, so it’s shelf stable. This lotion is designed to have anti aging properties, restore moisture and balance skin."

Review from Subaholic, September 2015, "The goat’s milk and honey lotion looks very promising. There’s also oatmeal and honey in the ingredients as well."

"This kept me clear and comfy with my cough while in the mountains in Alaska. I shared my products with new friends in the field!" Cuddy, (referring to respircare)

"Wanted to give you and (REN) "friends" some Feedback from the field. Just spent 2 weeks in the mountains near Chisana, Alaska. I used your fabulous Bug Off Sunblock stick on myself, my husband, AND my horse, yes... my horse. And when my horse got injured, Pain X and Germ Defense did the trick. And my sore muscles from climbing and hiking and riding- Pain X! My little travel kit was well-used. Not to mention, after a week of getting dirty and grimy, I combined sugar with my face serum you made it and did a face and neck scrub. I felt like fantastic afterwards. Thank you for such great products (that are affordable too)!" (I made her a custom travel kit. Please ask me to make one for you!)

"My arms smell so good I want to eat them. This scent reminds me of my grandparents' home when I was a kid" PMC, (Referring to Milk & Honey Lotion - Oats & Honey scent)

"loooove grandson was getting bloody noses from the dryness...we got the diffuser with the germ defence and it works so well...awesome" LOW, CA. (Referring to Respircare Blend)

"Respicare is AMAZING. I was not a believer in oils until we had this. In fact, just ran out so I'll be reordering next week. My kids, both allergy sufferers, love this stuff." Frazier, Ca

"...I am the one so blessed, indeed. The oil blend you helped us to create a couple days ago.... IT HAS WORKED!! The swelling has gone down - NOTICEABLY, and of course with it- the pain has decreased so much. Truly miraculous. It still hurts terribly, but nothing (and I do mean this) NOTHING like it was, only 3 days ago. I feel as if I am finally healing. I feel so much better, as if maybe I will be able to heal completely or even, enough that I can possibly guide later in the season.. we shall see. Thank you so much for your help." - Alaska. 

"Wow! Love the germ defense essential oil. Need to stock up soon on ALL my (REN)! Your regenerative blend is saving my neck right now. I am using the oil blend (Regenerate Pain-X) on my neck and it is amazing! Thank you!" Cuddy Valley, CA. 

"I love these new sunblocks! are just getting better and better with time. (Like a good wine. Lol)" Cuddy Valley

"I love my lotion!!!!! I wish I took photos if my hands before I started using it so I could post results. And the night cream is scrumptious! My face ate it up!!!! What a blessing you are to us individually (through your extremely reasonably priced - high quality products) and your outreach to society (which I understand your profits for the skin care products benefit)!! Thank you!! Can't wait to try what you come up with next!" Cuddy Valley, CA

"Oh man, thank you so much for this lotion, it's like heaven in a bottle. A little bit goes a long way!" FP, Ca. 

"I received a bottle and am totally in love. The smell is wondrous as is all of (REN) products and the feel of my skin soaking in the nutrients is even more amazing. Its one of those products you never want to run out of. Luv it!!" Frazier Park, Ca

"The Bee Emollient Night cream is amazing. I've been using it for a week and already note changes to my skin texture and feel. Gotta stock up on this stuff!" San Francisco, Ca 

"I LOVE my respicare. First night I could sleep with no coughing." Frazier Park, Ca

"I love everything I've bought from you. The skin stuff is better than any in give ever tried, and I've tried all the expensive lines out there. This is a best kept secret line! Thank you, thank you!" West Hollywood, Ca

"my mom loves her immortelle lotion I got her for Christmas! Thank you very much, we will be back for a refill! I think I may get her the diffuser as well for her bday next month." Frazier Park, CA 

"After 1week of your facial products my face feels amazing! Thank you!" Canyon Country, CA

"I love love love this lotion! I tried one last week. I used it the night after soaking in the hot tub. In the morning my hands were still soft! Even after the chlorine from the hot tub!" Cuddy Valley, CA (referring to Milk & Honey Lotion)

"My hands are so dry and i love ur lotion!" LOW, Ca (referring to Milk & Honey Lotion)

"love is creamy and yummy....not sticky....amazing favorite so far <3" LOW, Ca (referring to Milk & Honey Lotion)

"TRUTH! We started diffusing in December my 3 kids have been without allergy meds since then!!! The hubby and I sleep better and we haven't been sick either!!!!" Saugus, CA February 7, 2015

"I have been using this eye cream on my face, neck and it! And it doesn't clog the pores in my oily t-zone." Santa Clarita, CA, February 2, 2015

"I love my face stuff. The lotion most especially. The serum and toner are great, as well. But the lotion is my tops and I will continue to buy it from you. The face wash is slightly more drying than I prefer, but also good."

Good job! M from Hollywood, CA, February 2, 2015

"I normally don't promote products on FB, but I'll say that I love the facial serum you made for me. Ridiculously low prices and consistently great results. Not sure how you do it, but I'm glad that you do. I've only used it 2 days (am/pm) My skin feels much softer and looks more vibrant. Can't wait to try some other items." Cuddy Valley, CA January 27, 2015

"Really love this handcrafted skin care! Thanks!" -Cuddy Valley, January 12, 2015

"(Your) products are amazing...I'm getting more,,,can't wait" -Lake of the Woods, Jan. 10, 2015

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all the benefits and introducing my family to diffusing! We recently went away for the weekend and didn't bring our diffusers, kid you not...the very next night my kids had stuffy noses!! When we got back daughter requested I set up her diffuser! We will not go to sleep without it!! LOVE diffusing!!" -Saugus, January 6, 2015

"I use both of these and Love them! Best skin care line I have come across. Living in a dry climate I really have found them to be the very best!" (Customer is referring to the Rosehip Cypress Firming Emulsion and Meadowfoam Anti-Aging Emulsion) Cuddy Valley, CA, January 24, 2015

"I love these products!" PMC, December 28, 2014

"These lotions and serums are amazing. I will never use anything else." Frazier Park, December 14, 2014

"I am in love with that anti-aging serum you made for me! It's only been a couple of weeks but I notice a difference in my skin! Thank you! I sure hope you wrote the formula down because I will want some more when I am out! Lol" Frazier Park, December 23, 2014

"Our house smells so good because of you!" SCV, December 22, 2014

"I have this diffuser and love it!" SCV, December 22, 2014

"I'm lovin' 'em too!! Can't wait to get 'hold of the eye cream too. :)" SCV, November 20, 2014

"I don't suffer from itchy arms anymore and now my arms only need the cream one or twice a week. Love your product." Castaic, November 10, 2014

"My mom loves your skin care." Castaic, October 2014

"What lovely, professional, tasteful packaging. I love every touch of love in your business and in your life. You are a joy and a huge answer to prayer. Hugs & blessings to you, sweet, talented, discerning lady!" SCV, September 2, 2014

Friends who brought our Bug Away spray, salve, and deodorant to Africa report "not a single bite the whole trip! Those with us who live in Africa were borrowing our spray!" September 2014