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Botanical Serum - All Skin Types

Botanical Serum - All Skin Types

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Toning and hydrating oil created with precious herbs, nourishing oils, and advanced natural botanicals to soothe and renew acne-prone, sensitive skin. Full of anti-aging nutraceuticals, this serum renews skin cells and instantly reveals a fresh, hydrated, glowing complexion. Naturally occurring SPF 12-16  

Oily or Acne Prone Skin? While face oils tend to get a bad rap for anyone with oily, acne-prone skin, they're often the ones who benefit most from including them in their regimen. That's because natural face oils can actually help dissolve the excess sebum and grease that builds up on the surface of your skin, while still providing plenty of hydration. Also, if you're face is over-producing sebum, it's likely because it's compensating — so, using an oil can actually fix that problem.

Clients report improvements in skin appearance (reduction in fine lines, more even skin tone, and smooth in texture) and feel (softer and more supple) within the first week of use. This is the perfect serum for lightening, brightening, and tightening. Skin firming, fast absorbing, evens skin tone, fades dark spots, addresses broken capillaries, promotes collagen reproduction around fine lines and wrinkles, aides in improving skin elasticity, high in antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals outdoors. Also high in long chain essential fatty acids for skin repair.

ReNaturals means pure, organic, research-backed, active botanicals. Nothing less than the best.

Suggested Use: Apply 4-10 drops of oil to face, neck, and chest morning and evening. Follow with SPF. (Optional: For best results, spritz face with any of our toners before applying oil).

Ingredients: cold-pressed organic rosehip, organic red raspberry seed, organic grapeseed, organic borage seed, organic pomegranate oil, helichrysum, frankincense, carrot seed, neroli, rose, and cypress. 

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