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Buffing Bar Microderm Exfoliant

Buffing Bar Microderm Exfoliant

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A rich, dual-zone natural soap with lab-refined microcrystalline for moderate to intense physical exfoliation, including those with keratosis pilaris, stubborn strawberry skin due to ingrown hairs, and rough, bumpy texture. Slough away dead skin and excess keratin to release trapped hairs and reveal soft, newer skin below. 

Good For: Rough, bumpy skin, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs


  • Thouroughly buffs away dead skin cells
  • Soothes newly revealed skin with caledula, chamomile and honey
  • Two levels of buffing power. One side for moderate exfoliation and the other for intense buffing.
  • Helps relieve keratosis pilaris and ingrown hairs
  • All natural, cold-pressed, and organic certified ingredients


Calendula: Herbalists consider it one of the most effective herbal remedies for irritated skin conditions.
Chamomile: Can ease the itching of eczema and other rashes and helps reduce skin inflammation. 
Turmeric is a common ingredient in Ayurvedic skincare products to naturally promote glowing, smooth skin.
Honey moisturizes and soothes skin


Organic Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil Fatty Acid, Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Seed ButterOrganic ChamomileOrganic CalendulaDistilled WaterSodium Hydroxide (none in final product), Micodermabrasian Crystalline, Organic Castor Bean OilOrganic HoneyOrganic TurmericOrganic Cornstarch, Essential Oils of Lavender*, Lemongrass*, Geranium*, and Eucalyptus*.

*Certified Organic 



  1. keratosis pilaris—bumps on back of arms, thighs, and hips
  2. rough skin on elbows, knees, and heels
  3. areas prone to ingrown hairs
  4. strawberry skin—discoloration of hair follicles, especially on legs


  1. sensitive skin
  2. sunburned skin
  3. irritated skin

Aroma Profile: 

Lightly scented, based on our famous Spa Day Essential Oil blend, the scent will transport you to Burke Williams-like Spa experience. Organic Certified EOs.

* Not affiliated with Burke Williams

6oz Bar


This bar is a two physical exfoliating bricks for body skin made of superfine sanding crystals compressed within a moisturizing, soothing base.
Use in the shower on clean, wet skin. Wet the bar, and use the front of the bar with gentle pressure to buff in small, circular motions (avoid irritated skin).
Dual-Power - Use the bar front with firmer pressure on rough spots and the bar back for gentle buffing. Rinse, pat dry, and follow with a gentle moisturizer like Manuka Vanille Body Butter


Please use the included wooden soap try or keep soap dry between uses.
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