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Hard Times, Organic

Hard Times, Organic

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This blend contains organic essential oils that have been studied to be helpful in extreme mood situations or switching off the cycle before it begins. PTSD, high anxiety, rage, mania, mood swings, and depression.

This synergistic blend contains organic lemon balm (melissa oil), helichrysum, clary sage, neroli, rose, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Diffuse and apply to the back of the neck, making sure to go high into the depression zone in the hair line just above the neck.


Goat milk, organic shea butter, organic rosehip oil, organic sweet almond oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax, aloe vera, dl-panthenol (provitamin of B5), ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, raw manuka honey, pure botanicals and plant extracts, neodefend.

How to use

Use morning and evening to cleanse skin.

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