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Lice Shield and Treatment

Lice Shield and Treatment

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Thanks to my dear cousin Angela Rondeau for this idea! 

This is a natural way to fight lice. No more horrible chemicals! Send your child to school without worrying about the next lice outbreak. This serum can be added to a bottle of shampoo or added to a spray bottle with distilled water. Spray bedding, hats, backpacks, body, and hair. 

Just wash your hair or spray a fine mist on the way out the door! Also works as a deep treatment is lice have struck! Add 1/4 bottle to the palm and work into scalp with shampoo. Repeat. And again the next day.

Ingredients: Organic: melaleuca a, eucalyptus, naouili, rosemary, lavender, tansy, lemon, in jojoba oil

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