Line Editor Matrikine Complex for Face and Neck

Line Editor Matrikine Complex for Face and Neck

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Line Edit Matrikine Complex is a powerful topical "wrinkle eraser" and skin smoother, clinically proven to relax wrinkles and smooth texture, while promoting collagen production. It contains 11 targeted peptides that work together to deliver fast, effective results. With the highest allowable percentages of each active ingredient, this is the most powerful topical wrinkle eraser available.

See for yourself why people call it "Botox in a Bottle."

Line Edit Matrikine Complex is an advanced topical treatment that quickly helps to reduce lines and improve skin texture. Delivering some immediate results, the product reveals its most dramatic effects after 2+ weeks of daily use. Backed by scientific research, this product is designed for maximum results.

Treatment serums with the same combination of ingredients sell for $185 - $275 per oz. Enjoy the same benefits for less!


5ml Sample Glass Dropper Bottle (~15 uses)

1oz (30ml) Glass Treatment pump bottle (~90 uses)

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