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Peptide + Niacinamide Firming Mist

Peptide + Niacinamide Firming Mist

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Peptide + Niacinamide Firming Facial Mist visibly firms, smooths and plumps skin with a unique blend of peptides and manuka honey. Suitable for all skin types, this potent mist is clinically proven to provide anti-aging and hydrating benefits for a youthful complexion.

 This peptide-infused essence visibly firms and resurfaces the skin while supporting its natural microbiome with manuka honey and providing protection from free radicals with botanical extracts.


    • Peptides visibly firm and resurface the skin for a smooth, plumped look.
    • Manuka Honey supports the skin's natural microbiome, decreasing visible surface redness
    • Plant Extracts are rich in antioxidants to fight environmental skin aging
    • Niacinamide is proven to reduce age spots and promotes the production of ceramides.


Targeted Peptide Complex: Stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and other structural proteins to give the skin a tightened and fuller appearance. Peptides are small enough to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and serve as the building blocks for new collagen and elastin fibers (3).
Hyaluronic Acid: One of the most efficient hydrating ingredients, ultra low weight hyaluronic acid is capable penetrating deeper into the dermis to smooth skin texture and plump skin's appearance.
Niacinamide: boosts the production of ceramides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while dramatically lightening hyperpigmentation (2). A 12-week clinical study of a topical 5% niacinamide emulsion demonstrated a 21% improvement in fine lines along with a 14% skin tone clarity and 15% radiance improvement (1).


Aloe Barbadensis*, Niacinamide, REN Firming Peptide Complex, Punica Granatum Extract*, Citrus Aurantinum Dulcis (Orange) Flower Extract*, Manuka Honey Extract*, Sodium Hyaluronate (ULW, SLW Hyaluronic Acid), Calendula Extract*, Olive Squalane*, Polysorbate 20, Sweet Orange Essential Oil*, Bergamot Essential Oil*, Vanilla Tahetiensis Extract*, Grapefruit Essential Oil*, Citrus Limon Essential Oil (steam-distilled)*, Sunflower Vitamin E*, and neodefend.

*Certified Organic

2.5oz (80ml) or 4oz (120ml), fine mist top

Skin Types:

All skin types: Oily, Dry, Combination, Mature, Sensitive

Suggested Use

Apply mist to clean skin, and immediately follow with Bakuchoil + Vanilla Tahitiensis Facial Oil, Immortelle Facial Oil or Tree of Life Treatment Oil.

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